and if the last one isn’t you and that’s not ringing a bell, then WHOOPS SORRY I really don’t know who you are and what I did and I’m sorry have a naruto anyway bye

Anonymous asked:

Lol. I'm not even on that list. That does make it clear who I was to you in the past. Nobody. I hope this doesn't cause you to be hostile toward anyone else and I'm not trying to provoke you or anything. You can even delete this message afterwards, I don't care. Go back to tumblin'. Don't worry about it.

Nah, nah, I figured it out! Thanks to my crack team of investigators Bri, and then the ‘this user is/not following you feature.

Er, I’m sorry you feel that way. You weren’t nothing to me, but I wouldn’t say we were bosom friends, either? I always figured you preferred other people to me.  I’m glad you found some good friends who’re clearly more your speed. 

You didn’t come to mind because sometimes people grow apart? It doesn’t have to be something dramatic like with the people I had mentioned.  Just realizing that you don’t have similar goals, and things that make one person happy doesn’t make the other person happy. If I had seen you on the street today, I would have waved and smiled and said hello, and mentioned a thing we had in common at one time.  But, you’re right, I didn’t immediately think of you, and didn’t realize you thought of me as much as to consider my lax communication a complete withdrawal.  Sorry about that.

Good luck! Be happy without me.  Believe it?

Anonymous asked:

Don't bother dwelling on it. It was just a question and talking to you about what was in the past is pointless. It's pretty clear who I was to you in the past, so it doesn't matter if I go off or on anon. I needed an honest answer, so I went on anon hoping for the best. It is cool that out of all the people from the past I talked to, you at least gave me the answer that everyone else wanted to say but didn't bother saying. This isn't meant to be a guilt trip; it's a confirmation. So, thanks.

"It’s pretty clear who I was to you in the past" um, no, it’s really not? I could make an educated guess (Fubu-Amanda? Strawberry-Amanda? Antonio?  Ashes? Dang I have bad track records with A-names.  Nissa? There, combo breaker.)  But at the end of the day I don’t know who you are.  You didn’t give me as many clues as you think.  And the confirmations are different for everyone.  Here, let me list them for you, so you can get a personalized reason without having to drag this out or take off the sunglasses.  under a cut so no one else has to put up with dirty laundry.

Also Anon, if you’re not on this list? then I am clearly wrong to assume that other conflicts were discussed, and you are wrong to assume I know who you are.


Fubu: You deleted me from all social media and ignored the several party invites and phone calls, I assumed you didn’t want to talk to me anymore. In case you missed it, YOU cut off contact with ME, not the other way around.

Strawberry: We just kind of stopped talking? And then you got a different Facebook, and also started doing a lot of drugs.

Antonio: dude you are really hard to talk to and every time I tried to hang out with you, you had better things to do.  And I think back on how poorly you treated my friends, and… why should I keep trying? I miss you, but not the you that gets pissy when I hang out with your ex and the you that doesn’t know boundaries and wouldn’t apologize when you upset me.

Nissa: you lied about everything, all the time, for no reason, and then melodramatically dropped me like a rock after five years of violent mood-swings.  I got frostbite for you, goddamnit, how dare you claim I never did anything for you.

Ashes: thanks for bitching about me to all our friends ‘cause you wanted in my boyfriend’s pants.  I’dve shared if you hadn’t been so vicious.

Anonymous asked:

That's what I expected. You wouldn't care at all. Thanks for making this easier.

That’s not quite what you asked, though.  You asked if someone feeling contemptuous and bitter towards me would haunt me? Which, no, no it wouldn’t.  Plenty of people hate me for literally no reason other than “i wore a thing in high school they didn’t like”  so… what other people think don’t bother me? People don’t need a reason to be bitter about me.  That’s not the same as “would you care if you upset someone you used to be close to”, which seems like you’re trying to say.

Like I said if I did something wrong- like, really wrong? I’m not gonna know about it until someone confronts me about it, and then we can have it out.  Vague contempt doesn’t bug me? Especially if I have no idea about it.  Lol if i fucked up then I can admit it if it’s pointed out to me and we’ve both had a chance to make our cases.  I hate not having resolutions to things, I can’t deny someone else that. 

dude if you want to yell at me or w/e, then coming off anon is probably a good plan? otherwise I’m going to assume that you’re trying to make me feel bad for no reason on a day when I’m already pretty obviously low, which is a pretty shitty thing to do.  If I deserve that kind of treatment, then I at least deserve to know who I wronged. I’m not gonna be guilty unless I have more to go off of than a little greyface.

Anonymous asked:

It's not that hard. Don't overthink this. There are people that you just choose to stop talking to. You cut off any contact you have with them for whatever reason. I am directly asking you if you ever expect their contempt and bitterness to haunt you?

Yaaaay you came back for clarification! That was much easier to read, thank you.

And… No? Probably not.  If I cut off contact with someone, I have a reason, and I’ll tell them if they let me.  They can be upset about that if they want to, they can even argue it with me, and I’m a lil bitch so in some cases they might be justified.  I’m only human. Buuuuut-

If someone’s contemptuous and bitter towards me, then we obvs didn’t get to say what we needed to say to each other, and that sucks but what am I gonna do.  Their contempt doesn’t mean crap to me unless they’re in my face about it, and if they are? well, they’re not being very adult about it.  I bet a lot of people hate me, but so long as they’re not harassing me, I don’t see why it should haunt me. 

And if they are harassing me, making their bitterness apparent? Ok I guess? Whatever floats your goat.  If I did wrong and it makes them feel better to be bitter as opposed to saying “hey you did a thing that bothers me and I want to tell you why”,  cool. 

better bitter butter batter.  batterwitch.  38D i’m a T—ERRIB—E—EL P—ERSON, i have no illusions about T)(AT.  My hurt and bitterness towards people doesn’t seem to haunt anyone but me, so I’m not sure anyone else’s would affect me too. 

anon come back and explain your sentence to meeeee

is this philosophy hour or are you insulting me?



Nothing to see here, move along.